Paint Touch Ups On Small Scratches, Scuffs & Dents

Small scratches, scuffs, dents and other unsightly blemishes can detract from your car’s appearance, making it look older and poorly maintained. While these are essentially aesthetic issues and won’t affect the way your car runs, it stands to reason that if you’ve invested in a new car, you want to keep it looking its best.

Our paint touch up service is perfect for minor paintwork and accident damage on all makes and models. And with our cost-effective rates, you’ll find the solutions we provide are more affordable than insurance excess, saving you money and helping you to maintain healthy insurance premiums.

Whatever the issue, whether it’s stone chips, car scratches, a dented or scraped bumper or gutter rash on alloy wheels, you can rely upon Croft Auto to provide an effective and cost-efficient solution. Contact us for professional paint touch ups on small scratches, scuffs and dents in North Cairns.


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